Good News Bible Study

Welcome to the Good News Bible Study basic course. This is a free Bible study program that you can go through to learn more about the Word of God. This course is designed to help you understand what God wants you to know about Him, yourself, Jesus Christ, and how you can be right with Him. There are five parts to the Good News Bible Study:

     Part 1:  About God
     Part 2:  About Sin
     Part 3:  About Jesus Christ
     Part 4:  About Faith and Repentance
     Part 5:  About Obedience and Holiness

NOTE: All new students will be taken to the new Good News Bible Series web site to register. Students who have already registered can still log in to finish the Good News Bible Study course here.

Each part consists of study material; throughout the study material are questions that you must answer to go on. At the end of the study material, there is a test consisting of questions that refer to the material covered. You must receive a passing grade on both the study questions and the test to go on to the next part. When you complete and pass all five parts, you will receive by email a certificate of graduation (in pdf format) stating that you have passed the Good News Bible Study course. This will also enable you to go on to take more advanced Bible courses as they become available.

If you are new to the Good News Bible Study, please read the instructions that follow the links to the study itself. If you already have already registered for the course, click on Begin the Good News Bible Study to begin or continue in the study.

           Register on the new Good News Bible Series web site.

           Begin the Good News Bible Study

Here is the procedure you will follow to begin and complete the Good News Bible Study basic course:

1)  To begin the course, you must register for the course; click on the link above to do so. This is required for participation in the study. You will not be required to give us any personal information other than your name and an email address.

2)  Once you have registered, you will go to the Good News Bible Study Home Page to begin Part 1. You can work at your own pace; there is no time limit for completing each part, though you are encouraged to finish each part within 1 month of starting. You will save your answers as you complete each page - there are 30 pages in each of the five parts of the study - and you may complete as much or as little as you wish each time. When you return to the study, it will show which pages you have completed.

3)  When you have completed Part 1, your completed work will automatically be sent to a Good News Bible Study Grading Center, and your work will be graded within 24 hours. You will receive an email from the center to the email address that you have provided. The email will contain your score for Part 1; you may also see your grade by clicking on the appropriate link at the top of the page. If you receive a passing score (70% or higher), you may go on to Part 2.

4)  If you do not obtain a passing score, you will need to repeat Part 1 before going on to Part 2.

5)  You will then complete Parts 2, 3, 4, and 5 in succession, after which you will receive your certificate of graduation by email.